Pandemic Preggo

Pregnant in lockdown

The highs and lows of my first pregnancy during the global coronavirus pandemic – plus some hints and hacks for anyone in the same boat.

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We’re on the road to freedom! But will it be a smooth ride?

Last week was a huge one for us. We stopped breastfeeding for good and we had THREE garden meet ups – two with new NCT friends who we’ve only previously met virtually, and one with my best friend and her partner who were able to meet Sadie for the first time. The sun shone (before […]

Giving birth in lockdown

It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything, because while the pandemic is far from over, my pregnancy is! Our beautiful (and clever) daughter Sadie was born on 6th January – the first day of England’s third lockdown – and is now six weeks old. The only other thing I’ve got to compare a stretch […]

Shopping when no shops are open…

I’ve actually surprised myself with how well I’ve coped with being pregnant in this crazy pandemic. Being made to attend scans alone, not having access to antenatal classes, working from a laptop for months while that pesky relaxin wreaks havoc on my aching back – all taken in my stride. But I’ve had two or […]

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